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For family and friends

When you think about the consequences you and your family have suffered because of your relative's consumption, you may experience many contradictory feelings: anger, fear, love, sadness, anguish, impotence, affection, despair, etc.
Don’t despair; it is normal to feel like that. However, you can do something about that to feel better.
Read the following suggestions, they might find them useful:

1) Try to focus on “the here and now” regarding your relative's consumption. Don’t let past events stop you from acting now and continuing with your personal plans.
2) You are not responsible for your relative’s consumption. There is no point in looking for culprits. Focus your energy on finding possible alternatives to cope with the situation better.
3) You can achieve beneficial changes for yourself, even if your relative decides to continue drinking.
4) Keeping up to date on the subject and ignoring myths and mistaken beliefs about alcohol consumption will help you make better decisions.
5) Don’t expect your relative’s consumption to change overnight.
6) Analyze the situation, learn from the experience and go back to where you left off.