Should I Stop Drinking or Just Cut Down?

Do you want some help deciding whether you should cut down or stop drinking?


Here are some suggestions:


You should stop drinking if:

You should try to drink at lower risk levels only if:

  • You have tried to cut down before but have not been successful




  • You suffer from morning shakes after drinking heavily




  • You have a medical condition that can be made worse by alcohol, like liver disease




  • You are pregnant, you are trying to get pregnant




  • You are taking certain medications that interact with alcohol.


Note: It would be advisable that you tell your doctor or other health professional about all edications you are taking


  •  During the last year you have been drinking at lower risk levels most of the time




  • You do not suffer from early morning shakes or memory blackouts




  • You would like to drink at lower risk levels


Note: You should choose lower risk drinking only if all three apply to you




Babor TF et al. AUDIT - The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test: guidelines for use in primary care, 2nd ed. Geneva, World Health Organization, 2001.