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What is lower risk drinking?

REMEMBER: there is no such thing as drinking alcohol without any risks. How alcohol affects you also depends on many factors, such as your gender, age, hereditary factors and your physical and mental condition. There are no guidelines to suggest there is any level of drinking with zero risk. Depending on the circumstances, any amount of alcohol can be harmful. However, it has been found that drinking more than two standard drinks per day is associated with a higher risk of adverse consequences.

If you decide to REDUCE your drinking (as opposed to STOPPING it), here are some tips for lower risk drinking:

  • No more than two drinks a day 
  • Stay alcohol free at least 2 days per week


But REMEMBER not to drink:

  • When driving
  • When operation machinery
  • When pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • When breast feeding
  • When taking certain medications (check the information leaflet)
  • If you have certain medical conditions like liver disease (consult a health professional)
  • If you have difficulty stopping or controlling your drinking
  • If you already have health or social problems related to alcohol consumption